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Traditional Wood Fence

Gives you the most flexibility to customize and create the style you want.

Wood FencesWood can be built in any design or height (check out some examples below). Wood fence is generally less expensive than PVC / Vinyl or Aluminum. Wood fence should be treated with a UV sealer, which inhibits fungus and insects about every 2 to 3 years. This will also prevent the fence from turning to a grey weathered look, although some people prefer that look. For more information please call 314.892.2500 or email us here

ALPHA Fence Systems offers the following wood materials:

    • Western Cedar
    • Eastern Cedar
    • Whitewood Stockade
    • Pressure Treated

Cedar Wood

Wood FenceCedar wood contains natural oils that make it naturally resistant to insect and fungal decay. Cedar is a low density softwood. The lower the density the less shrinkage and warping will occur.

Western Cedar

All western cedar products are not the same, so make sure that your fencing contractor is offering all No. 1 grade clear materials.

    • Estate Picket Full 6" Wide
    • No. 1 Grade
    • Clear with few if any Knots
    • Splitting Low
    • Warping Very Low
    • Twisting Very Low

Eastern Cedar

All eastern cedar products are not the same, so make sure that your fencing contractor is offering all No. 1 grade premium materials.

    • Full 6" Premium Picket
    • No. 1 Grade
    • Small / Medium Knotty Appearance
    • Splitting Low / Medium
    • Warping Low / Medium
    • Twisting Low

Pressure Treated Lumber/Pine

Southern Yellow Pine

The treating process is effective against fungus and insect attack. The application of water repellant sealer is recommended upon completion of construction. This will help control splitting,cracking, and warping. Pressure treated pine is a high density softwood. Southernpine Products.

    • No. 2 Grade Picket - Rail
    • No. 2 Grade Post
    • Medium / Large Knot
    • Splitting High
    • Warping High
    • Twisting High

Finshes for your wood fencing

This will inhibit decay and increase fence life!

Look for finishes containing anti-fungal fugicides. AWPI Products.

    • Choices and Life Expectancy
    • Water-Repellant Preservatives and oils: 1-2 Years
    • Semi-Transparent Stain: 2-4 Years
    • Solid Base Color Stain: 4-6 Years

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